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The Red Seven / Red Seven Scoring System For Blackjack

This system for winning the game of Blackjack is counted among those of greater complexity for card counting and in fact the decision to include it among the more complex ones seems to us to be fully legitimate.

The system based on the Seven Red Card is characterized by being an unbalanced system , as the final result of the card counting is 2 and not 0 as occurs in balanced systems (e.g. the Hi / Lo System ).

The Value Of The Cards

The main feature of this counting system for Blackjack is the fact that the cards take on a scale of values ​​differentiated by color and in particular the 7 (from which the system takes its name) takes on a different value depending on its color. .

  • The red cards 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 and 7 have a value of +1 ;
  • The cards 10 , Figures and Aces have the value of -1 ;
  • Cards 8 , 9 and 7 black have a value of 0 ;

A System For The More Experienced

The main difficulty of this counting system is that it is necessary to necessarily separate the Aces from the Running Count and obviously also the 7s must be counted in a different way with respect to their color.

These distinction operations do not always take place automatically and therefore to be applied this system requires many hours of training.

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